Welcome to the Rabindra International School (RIS), a wing of Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Samity, a non-profitable organization. Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Samity involves promoting higher education since 2003. Under the guidance of the Samity, a law college namely Rabindra Shiksha Sammillani Law College running successfully since 2008 (with the approval of Bar Council of India and affiliated to the University of Calcutta) and a Teacher Training College namely R3S College of Education running successfully since 2015(with the approval of NCTE and affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Primary Education), produced Judge, renowned Lawyer and efficient Teachers.

Rabindra International School (RIS) is going to be one of the leading schools of India, ringing a strong intellectual heartbeat. It is committed to provide quality education promoting intellectual, cultural and social vivacity among students. Rabindra International School (RIS) ceaselessly works towards evolving a learning process and environment, which would empower the future citizens becoming global leaders in the emerging knowledge cosmos. Rabindra International School (RIS), following the NCERT & CBSE curriculum, develops leadership and an alumni network with a global reputation and is upon taking challenges of the rapidly changing world.

Rabindra International School (RIS) commits to provide a stress-free learning environment that will develop Competence, Confidence, Competitiveness and creativity among students.

The school culture encourages students to innovate and take risks when developing new ideas and determining solutions to problems. At Rabindra International School RIS, leadership is imparted within the NCERT & CBSE curriculum as well as through a wide range of opportunities such as leading clubs and societies and sports teams. Leadership is also developed through innovative and creative projects linked with school social service programme besides participating and marching forward in the numerous academic and other committees that exist to discuss topics that range from food to library and games to technology and so on.

RIS’s school building situated on a vast area with ample green space and fresh air enables students learn and refresh. They are able to seek advice from teachers, the wellness centre and the counsellor at the school campus during the school hours.